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***V.O.B.A. represented strong in this years Nationals***

 Austin Arthur Wins at this year's 2016 Beagle of Fox/Coyote Nationals!

Female class winner Austin's J-Lo



 VOBA Puppy and Old TImers Fox Hunt May 7th

Please click on the Pup&OT Hunts tab to the left for all the information to this hunt

The numbers book has closed for the Puppy/OT Hunt. Please get you payments in for your numbers soon as possible.  If you need numbers give Steve a call 804-218-1358 and he will put you on the waiting list. 


 VOBA Championship Hunt and HPH of the year

I wanted to thank everyone again at Callaville Hunt Club for putting on another great hunt and to all the other clubs this year was a great season!!  This year the Assoc made 4 new FC's and 1 GFC...please take the time to congratulate these guys when you see them.

Congrats to Outcast Kennels for winning the male class with Shane and to Southern Style Kennels for winning to female class with Bye Felicia...

Also for High Point Hound of the year...

Male Class winner is Beach Billy with Buck
Female Class winner is Skinquarter Kennels with Beyonce

Congrats to all that placed in the hunts this year!! Been a long good season for the VOBA having almost 300 dogs at every hunt. The championship results are up and the HPH points will be posted soon along with the pictures.

High Point Hound Winners

Beach Billys Buck(44)

Skinquarters Beyonce (51)

IMG 1737

Championship Hunt Winners


1st Place Southern Styles Bye Felicia

2nd Place Skinquarters Beyonce

IMG 1748


1st Place Outcasts Shane

2nd Place Shake&Bakes Possum

IMG 1739

Greenway Hunt 3/27/16


1st Place White-E-Beaches Longest Cledus

2nd Place Southern Styles Gator

IMG 1610


1st Place Cannons Skittles

IMG 1635

2nd Place Triple R's Shine

IMG 1629

Red Bank Hunt 2/20/16


1st Place Beach Billy's Buck

2nd Place Twin River's Whiplash

RedBank 2016 males


1st Place Austin Arthurs FC Tera

2nd Place Mobjacks Rosie

RedBank 2016 females

 Cato Hill 2/6/16


1st Place Outcasts Ranger

2nd Place Victorias Stupid

IMG 1519 


1st Place Aly Cats Sadie

2nd Place Southern Styles Bye Felicia

IMG 1523

Callaville 1/9/16


1st Place Zach Mizells Prettyboy

IMG 1414


1st Place Thunder Strucks Lil Bit

IMG 1409

 2nd Place Male Shake&Bakes Wille

2nd Place  Female Skinquarters Beyonce

IMG 1407

Greenway Hunt 9/19/15

1st Place Male Beach Billys Duke

1st Place Female Twin Rivers Stella


2nd Place Male White-E-Beaches Runaway

2nd Place Female Skinquarters Beyonce (right)

IMG 0856

Cato Hill 5/30/16

1st Place Male Outcasts Ranger

2nd Place Male Andy Wares Hamma





1st Place Female Austin Arthurs GFC Brandy

2nd Place Female Cabin Hills Apple Pie