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Hunt #2

Greenway Hunt Club

Congratulations to all that placed and to Beach Billy for winning Male class with DUKE and to Twin Rivers winning Female class with STELLA. Congrats to Southern Style's Wooten for winning best pack. It was some more top notch running and sportsmanship on the outside in Virginia. We also made 2 new Field Champions, FC Beach Billy's Duke and FC Skinquarter's Lil Bizness, big CONGRATS on making your dogs FC's.  We had 257 dogs cast. BIG THANKS goes to Greenway Hunt Club for hosting another fine hunt. Have a safe Hunting Season and Happy Holidays


Greenway Winners 9/19/15

First Place

Male - #18 Beach Billy's Duke

Female - #95 Twin Rivers' Stella

Second Place

Male - #228 White-E- Beach's Runaway (Left)

Female - #51 Skin Quarter's Beyonce (Right)

(Fourth Place - Homegrown's Maggie) (Center)