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The VOBA will be having the Cato Hill HC make-up hunt on Sat May 30th.  Registration will start at 5:00am-6:15am, roll call at 6:30 and cast at 7am.  Please try and make the registration times we would like to cast close to 7am as we can.  They will be serving breakfast as well as lunch.  Going to be having another great raffle like always.  This hunt will be handled just like any other VOBA hunt and it will be the first hunt for the 2015-16 season, the points will count towards HPH and FC/GFC.  Will be using the numbers that are currently given out from this past season, new numbers will be given out at our summer meeting/cookout.  If your not coming to this hunt please call Bert and turn in our numbers so he can give them out.  If you need numbers for this hunt please give Bert Davis a call at 804-248-3441.

**Information of the Puppy/Old Timers hunt under the Pup&OT Hunt Tab**




                    Doc Donavants Fox Preserve

We have rescheduled the hunt to May 16th to help all the associations with thier schedule after all the snow and what not. Charge is 20.00 a dog, 18" max height limit. All proceeds will go straight to Billy Parks family, as most of you know, he left behind a wife and 3 kids.  Doc has donated the pen so all the registration money goes straight to the family.

Please lets join together and show this family how much Billy touched all of us that had the pleasure to know/meet him and for those who didn't have that pleasure help this fellow houndsmans family.

Some additional information I wanted to pass along to everyone. Will be having a bench show to follow after the hunt. The hunt is a one class 3 hour speed and drive, it will be a judged hunt not buddy judged. Will be giving trophies out for the Classiest Hound and for Best Mouth. Trophies will be awarded to the top 20 in the field and top 10 in the male class and female class for the bench show, there will also be a trophy for best Opp sex on the bench. We are also wanting to have a raffle so any donations/prizes that is offered would be greatly appreciated. If you have any other questions please give Tacklebox a call/txt at 804 712 3000, or myself at 804-892-2448...no calls after 9pm.


 ~~About the V.O.B.A.~~

              Welcome to the Virginia Outside Beagle Association’s website.  The association was formed for houndsmen and sportsmen that love to hunt their beagles and strive to keep our sport alive.  We have been running a beagle field trial series on outside game for about 4 years now and it has grown into a huge success mainly in the southeastern region, but we wish to branch out to all areas of the state.  This is the second year for our association so we are always building and welcome all that want to come out and run with us at our trials.  This website will keep up to date trial results, pictures, association field champions, news, and other topics of interest.  The V.O.B.A. has grown a strong relationship with several hunt clubs who participate in our events and invite us to have our trials on their lands.  Each club has to send an application to the VDGIF to obtain a dog field trial permit (4 vac 15-290-115) to have events during the field trial season (Aug 1-May 31).  This authorizes the Assoc to have such organized events (not training).  The permit covers the species specified for the trial, but occasionally other game may be pursued and will be scored points (i.e.Fox).

            The membership dues are $20 per year for each participant, click News/schedule tab for more details on how to join.  The trials are $15 per hound to cover cost of trophies and to raise funds for the participating hunt clubs,  one dollar per hound will be donated to the VaHDA to aid in their support efforts. Our trial series have 6 point hunts with our first starting in September and the other events picking back up after the deer season is closed in January.  To round up the season at the end of our point trials there will be a Championship hunt for all qualifying hounds (Top 30 dogs per point trials).  So our Association invites all that enjoy running their beagles to come out and join us on a hunt.  We're looking forward to see you in the months to come.  Thanks and Happy Hunting.



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