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Sun, 07 Jun 2009
Puppy/Derby results up!!!

Results are up for the puppy/derby hunt and once I get the pics I'll get them up as well. First I wanted to send a congrats out to Brandon Owen for placing first with his hound Rebate and also to Mitch for taking 1st in the Derby class with Rotella. Thanks to all those that came out and showed your support I think it was a very good hunt, OUTSTANDING running and awesome food, thanks to those that helped prepare the food. Hope to see everyone at our annual club meeting which will be posted soon....Phillip
Posted 10:33


Awesome hunt guys! The food was off the hook so a big thanks to all that prepared it for everyone! Phillip - I didn't know if it was still possible, but is there any chance you have the breakdown of what dogs would have placed 11- 20th?

yeah...let me see what I can do
Posted by Phillip

Yea...do that...might be my only chance to get a dog on the computer...not real sure thats gonna do it!!! LOL

Blue Tick Hounds for Sale (deer dogs)
I have 2 male blue tick hounds for sale. They are beautiful dogs, out of register stock. I do NOT have the papers for the dogs unfortunately. They are good deer dogs. I"m selling them due to a couple of reasons. I have arthritis in my hands and have a hard time loading my blue ticks in the dog box because they are so big and heavy. My son has beagles and I do not have problems loading them because they are so light. My son and some of his friends like running in the fox pen. I like going but my dogs for some reason donít care for a fox much but during hunting season and run on the outside run a deer well. They have had many deer killed in front of them. I get frustrated when I go to the pen because I know how good of dogs they are and don't get to hear that sweet music like I do on the outside. I was going keep them even they donít run a fox that great because they are such good deer dogs, but my arthritis has gotten to the point where I have to switch to a smaller dogs I can't load the dogs if I donít have help and I am retired now and will be hunting a lot during the week. It has been a hard decision but I have decided to sell them. I just want to make sure whoever buys them, takes good care of dog or will take good care of them. I have asked my son and his friend to help me sell them because I donít have the heart to do it. My son's friend suggested I put the dogs on speeddogs, etc.... I am not much on computers so I had my son's friend advertise them on here for me. Call my son Lon at 804-314-5751 if you are interested

Blue Tick Hounds for Sale (deer dogs)
Sorry I posted above for Lon and Freddie. I thought I was starting a new subject

Yeah Chris this isn't a message board like on Speeddogs, I'm the only one that can start a new thread....post his dogs on speeddogs it is the best thing going for that. If I can help give me a call...Phillip
Posted by Phillip

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