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Sun, 07 Feb 2010
Callaville Hunt RESCHEDULED to Feb 13th....come join us!

Due to the weather we had to postpone our hunt on Feb 6th at Callaville HC. In coordination with Callaville HC and their best interest we have moved the hunt to this coming Sat Feb 13th. The only other date we had open was the 27th of this month and would put us as having 4 hunts in a row so the 13th would space things out some. Breakfast will be ready about 5:30 and registration to 6:30 and they are shooting for role call around 6:45 so we can cast at 7am! Everyone please come out and support Callaville HC at their first hunt with the VOBA, they are going to have a top notch raffle at the end of the hunt with prizes like a new tracking box, tracking collar, climbing tree stand, also they will be serving lunch....and much more!! Hope to see everyone on Sat!!
Posted 12:20


Directions to the hunt!
Callaville Hunt Club- Off Interstate-95 take exit 20 west (Jarratt) to first stop light go straight across 301 and thru town of Jarratt. You will be on Allen rd and will drive by the wood mill plant, about a mile or so after that make a right on Wyatts Mill Rd come to the cross roads at purdy and stay straight and rd will turn into Smokey Ordinary Rd. Go about another 3 miles and the Callaville club house will be on your right. (2967 Smoky Ordinary Rd, Freeman Va 23856)
Posted by Phillip

These guy's are going all out to throw A great hunt Everybody that can support hope to see you there..
Posted by Beach Billy

Beach :) :) haha
Bring them sand-flea infested smuts so your dogs have something to chase other than the game...HAHAHAHA!!! But like Beach said Callaville has put together a great hunt let's come on out and support them, the weather looks good for Sat...see yawl there!!!
Posted by Phillip

They are going to have one heck of a raffle, with some great items to win! Should be a great new hunt for us, with plenty of judges, so let's help to support this club! Just hope the weather holds out this time for a change...lol! See yall there! Remember, guys/gals who are placing, please get with me so we can register you for your membership in order to qualify for the points and championship hunt if you haven't paid it yet...thanks.

The hunt is still on for Sat, today very little to no snow has fell in the Emporia area. We are looking to possibly push the cast off til about 8am Sat morning looking at the snow conditions more then. Still breakfast severed about 5:30 and registration to about 6:45 or so, then roll call to follow and cast.

Hey philip this sat should be great just hope the weather can hold out till then. Ill have to put some mittens on the dogs lol. See ya there!

momma gonna let you and the dogs come out for a day....good news there, better feed Crockett an extra cup of food :)

Phillip i see the hunt is still on for sat. but when did you post your blog was it before last snow?
Posted by Paul Tilley

Thurs, Feb 11
Thurs, Feb 11 Paul, I think he posted his last comment yesterday? Hope this weather gets in control. Seems to snow every other day this winter...lol!! I think they are calling for a slight chance of a small amount of snow, coming from the south Fri. night into early Sat. morning, but who knows what will happen, the way it's been lately. Might be 70 degrees too...sheez. Hope to see everyone there! Hunt is still on for FEB. 13th!

Hunt is still on
Hope to see everybody there . They will be casting between 7:30-8:00am. Depends on weather . I talked to Phillip earlier told me to post . Ready for hunt an great raffle .

Thanks to Everyone
I am a member of Callaville Hunt Club and just would like to Thanks everyone who attend our hunt yesterday!!! We had a blast hosting our first beagle hunt! Hope everyone had a great time and Thanks for all the Support!!!
Posted by Shane Clary

Your welcome Shane! Callaville HC put on one heck of a hunt, especially considering the weather conditions we had yesterday! The food was great, running was excellent, and the raffle was awesome! I hope to think I speak for all when I say, the VOBA had an awesome hunt with you guys/gals, even though the weather was not the greatest. Hope yall made some good fund raiser money for your club. Thanks again.

i want to thank everyone
i would like to thank everyone that helped us find dogs yesterday i reaally do appreciate it i still have one out tho he has 377 in orange on his side real friendly dog and anpther dog he has 014 that we were trying to find for that guy so if anyone sees these dogs just give us a shout and if you see 377 or catch him just give me a call at 757 642 2240

I believe dog 014 was found, Shake&Bakes Cowboy. Jordan glad you had fun and hope you find your dog!!
Posted by Phillip

thanks me to and im really glad he found them i know lastnight when they left we could get a good track on him but it was layed up and wont comin out
Posted by jprdan

Wanted to give a thanks to Callaville Hunt Club for putting on a great hunt and putting on an awesome raffle. Congrats to Twin River for there win and best pack. Also, congrats to everyone who placed and came out.

Hey Jordan we found dog 014 thanks for all yalls help we rode around up there for awhile yesterday never saw dog 377. Again thanx for all yours and everyone else that helped us. Callaville put on a great hunt hope to see everyone at the next hunt.

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