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Sat, 23 Jan 2010
Courthouse Hunt Club Trial Results, 182 dogs !!

The VOBA would like to thank everyone at Courthouse hunt club for throwing another fine hunt!! Awesome weather made for a great hunt and allowed the judges to hustle and get some good scores, with several ties that came down to time. Congrats to Henry for placing 1st with Slim Jim and getting his first clock with the VOBA! I knew he was very excited about that, so much he threw the side beat in the air...haha! Also congrats to all the other fine hounds that got the job done today. Our next hunt is in 2 weeks at Callaville HC Feb 6 their first hunt with the VOBA. Please come on out and support the club should be an excellent hunt with a big block of timber for the dogs to run!!
Posted 19:08


Just wanted to let everyone know if you have placed a dog and expect to run in our championship hunt and obtain points for the high points hound chase than you must be a member!!! If you haven't paid your dues please get straight with Steve at the next hunt you plan to attend or email me, thank you..Phillip

First Class Guy
Just wanted to first give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Henry Radford for placing first yesterday. That being said, I also wanna give a big THANK YOU to Henry & Junior for staying there with me until 8:00 last nite to catch my final dog. Just met both of these guys last year. I know Henry would rather have been home feeding Slim Jim a big ole porterhouse for his win...but unselfishly he and Junior stayed there and tracked my dog for over 3 hours until I caught her. I can never express my gratitude enough for their efforts. Some real first class folks within the VOBA!!! I hope to never have to return the favor...but I'll certainly be there to help these 2 guys if needed in the future!
Posted by Chucky O

Courthouse HC pics and video of cast are now up on Web Site
A video of the cast and some HILARIOUS pics from the cast site party this past weekend are up on the Heat On The Meat Kennels web site. (www.heatonthemeatkennels.com) Thanks so much to Courthouse HC for putting on a first class hunt this past weekend, and we look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks at Callaville HC. Until then! ~ Billy

Chucky great statement!! We do have a class act bunch of guys and gals!!
Posted by Phillip

Just wanted to thank everyone for being extremely friendly and helpful Saturday. I had a great time at my first hunt and can't wait to come again and hopefully do a little better. Ken

Don't get discouraged Ken Saturday was about the 6th VOBA hunt I've been to...and I finally got to take the walk for a trophy. It gets aggravating sometimes, but it will happen eventually!!! You got to remember, alot of the best and fastest deer beagles in VA are in this association, and them boys are da*n tough to beat!

Photos of the hunt are up!
Posted by Phillip

Not discouraged
Chucky I am not discouraged and I don't hold any illusions that I am going to show up and win a trophy. Both dogs i took scored some points (not many) so I would be happy with a little improvement.

Wooden Legg
I wasn't really sure what to expect myself this was my second trial in a row. I have met some really great guy's out there, And have felt more than welcome.I look foward to future trials and eventually getting around to meet the rest of the guys. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable experience.I look foward to seeing everyone on the 6th.

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