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Sun, 17 Jan 2010
Courthouse Hunt Club Field Trial !!

Our next points hunt will be this coming Sat Jan 23rd. They usually don't have breakfast but do serve lunch. Registration around 5:30-6:45am with role call at 7am and cast shortly after. Directions to the club are posted on the calendar. Hope to see a good crowd there!!! If you haven't joined yet and wish to please see myself or Steven at the hunt and will get you signed up. REMEMBER if you want to obtain points for your hounds and to qualify for the championship hunt you must be a member.
Posted 20:37


The guys from Shake&Bake Kennels had a collar missing off one of their dogs when they picked up the dog from the catch pen on the CC road. When the dog was put in the pen the tracking collar (220-058) was on the dog is what was told to the owners. If someone may have taken the collar off to track a dog that had a similar tracking number to kill the collar and may have forgotten about it simple mistake you can email me that you have it. But if it was stolen off the dog that kind of person(s) we do not need running in our Assoc and it will not be tolerated and will be report to the authorities. It's a felony to steal a tracking collar.
Posted by Phillip

What a great hunt!
What a good hunt! Had a great time!

As philip said mistakes are made if you find the collar in your truck call... If sombody did take the collar on purpose do us all A favor and don't come back..... Other than that I felt It was one of the best hunts yet. Hope to see everybody next week..

Frist time at a trial, had a great time.See ya at the next hunt.
Posted by Paul Tilley

great hunt
I wont make the next hunt b/c my baby girl has to have surgery. I am new to the club i realy enjoyed myself and will make all of the rest of the hunts

Hope yall wore all yalls dogs out last weekend...so I may have a chance this weekend :)
Posted by Chucky

Glad the new guys enjoyed the hunt...always like seeing new faces that enjoy the sport. Wish your baby girl well on her surgery and look forward to seeing everyone this Sat. Chucky, be easy on us Sat. buddy!

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