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Virginia Outside Beagle Association
Rules & Regs

~~Virginia Outside Beagle Association~~

      ~VOBA Board officers Elect~

President - Phillip Arnold

Vice President - Jason Hall "Short Top"

Treasurers -Phillip Arnold//Billy Stephens 

Bookkeeper- Bert Davis, 1-804-248-3441, no calls after 9PM please.

Web Admin- Phillip Arnold/Matt "Boss" Whittaker

VOBA Committees

Measuring Committee- Jason Hall, Steven Arnold, Brian Wotton

Land Committee-  Brian Wotton,Jerry Shifflett, and Jason (Short Top), & Mitch McGee, Dillon Bigelow

                                      (Regulations & Rules)  

  1. The president will conduct the business of each trial meeting. If the president is absent, the vice president will conduct the business and so on….
  2. Role call before each trial is mandatory.
  3.  Dogs do not have to be registered to run in the trials.
  4. All hunts are a minimum of 4 hours. (Exception) Weather could be a factor. The Officers or hunt clubs (only) may make the decision to stop a hunt or start at a later time.
  5. When scoring, if a hound is missed or not seen clearly, the following hounds will not be scored in that crossing. If a hound has a distorted or unclear number, the remaining hounds will be scored in the crossing. A hound or hounds will not be penalized for other hounds having defective numbers.
  6. If a female is in season there is no excuse for running her in the trial and this will not be tolerated.
  7. All participants must cast thier dogs at the same cast site when the judge announces to cast.
  8. Dogs picked up during the hunt for whatever reason may only be re-casted at the casting site.
  9. You may only leave the cast site to track your dog if you expect your dog(s) may be in harms way, this message relayed by either another hunter already out looking for a dog or from a judge.
  10. Have to remain at the cast site (unless rule 8) for the 1st hour of the hunt so to keep the traffic down on the roads/paths for the judges to get into place.
  11. Please no interfering with judges during the hunts unless you need assistance or you feel your dog may be in harms way.
  12. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated at all period and could be grounds for dismissal from the club.  Any issues that you may have feel free to bring it to the attention of any officer.
  13. New officers and or rules will be appointed and drafted every year at the annual summer meeting.
  14. Entry fee per hound will be $20, whereas $15 goes to sponsoring HC, $2 goes to VaHDA, $2 goes to selected charity, and $1 goes to VOBA for operating expenses.
  15. Support of the VA Hunting Dog Alliance per dog at each trial will be represented ($2 per dog donation ).
  16. All participating Hunt Clubs have to Apply for a Field Trial Permit in order to sponsor a hunt with the VOBA.




                 Kennels/individuals that place dog(s) in the Top 20 from  the previous  year get first pick of numbers at the first meeting of the year.

  • Each kennel would select numbers (max 3) and each kennel/dog owner gets one pick of numbers no matter the # of dogs placed in the top 20. The remaining numbers will follow same top hound sheet down the list until everyone present at the meeting has been given numbers.  Same for both calsses.
  • Your numbers will be good for all events.  If you pull a dog from a hunt (e.g.-dog sick,in-heat,hurt,etc) please call the book-keeper so the number can be distributed to someone else if needed.
  • Numbers that are not used by the 2nd event will be turned back in to be redistributed out! It's not fair to hold good numbers and not come if there are folks looking to come to a hunt and get some decent numbers.
  • Numbers will be given out at the annual meeting by the order of how the dogs placed (male & Famale seperated) in the past seasons trial series HPH.

                 Rules on dog heights & measuring


  • 18 1/4" Maximum height limit enforced.
  •  With the help of the measuring commitee the hunt club will make the call on a dog that is over the height limit, starting Sept 2017 all dogs that place in a hunt will be measured and recorded, once dog has been measured will not  need to be measured again.
  • If you have a question about a dog you can bring it to the attention of an officer prior to the beginning of a hunt.  If time allows before the trophy ceremony, or because not all dogs are caught up before trophies are awarded a dog in question will be measured at the next trial.  If the dog is taller than 18.25” it is DQ and if said dog placed at the last trial in question the owner may have their award(s) taken away.
  •  Hounds will be measured in a normal relaxed position.  No show stance or with legs stretched out.  Front legs vertical and back legs can be slightly pointed back.
  • All dogs will be measured that place after the awards that have been caught.  Those dogs which haven't been caught up to that time, will be measured before the next hunt in which that dog is entered or they will not be counted.  It is up to the Kennel owner to find someone in the measuring committee prior to the hunt in order to get it measured.  All record list of dogs willl be kept on file for those dogs that have been officially measured. 

VOBA Membership Dues

  •  There will be a membership fee of $20 to every participant if you which to optain the points for your dog(s).  These funds will go towards the treasury of the club for possible shirts, decals, hats, awards, friends and family offerings, cookouts, etc.  
  • There will be no funds in monetary value awarded to dogs that place in the top 20 for point’s.  Trophies given out to the top 20 that place High Points Hound points race.

                Hunts & Dates

  • There will be 6 series hunts and a Championship hunt.

VOBA Field Champion (FC) and (GFC)

  •  FC-1 win or HPH win and a total of 150 points.
  • GFC-2 wins or a combination of a hunt or HPH win(s) and a total of 250 points.
  •  Field Champions will be awarded a trophy by the club to be given out at the Championship hunt or otherwise stated meetings.
  •  Club dues must be paid in order for a kennel, participant, or dog(s) owner to run in the championship hunt, obtain top hound pionts, and place dog(s) as a VOBA FC awards.

 Top Hounds & Championship Hunt


  • Championship Hunt is $20 per hound to cover extra trophy cost.
  • Hounds that place in the top 15 males or females at any scheduled trial or hunt will qualify for the championship hunt.
  • The top 10 hounds in both classes points will be recognized after the championship hunt and trophies will be awarded.
  • Points at the CH will count towards the high point hound chase. 
  • CH points will count towards making a dog FC/GFC.
    The hunt club to host the Championship Hunt will be drawn from a hat or decided upon during the course of the trialing events.  
  • Club dues must be paid in order for a kennel, participant, or dog(s) owner to run in the championship hunt, obtain top hound points, and place dog(s) as a VOBA FC awards.

Best Combination Field Pack

  • Consists of a 3 dog combination (or less), packs have to remain within dog owners, you can not combine dogs with in kennels, have to pack individual dogs, E.G.- If Joe Point is kenneled with Hank they can't combine there personal dogs together.  You can have as many packs as you wish to enter, E.G.- If I have dogs 1,2,3,4 and 5 I can combine dogs 1,3,4 for a pack, dogs 2,3,5....etc.  The order of the pack doesn't matter, the 3 dogs picked (or less) with the highest total amount of points determines the pack winner.  $5 entry per pack, you can enter as many times as you wish.  All proceeds go to the sponsoring hunt club.
  • Trophy for best pack awarded by the hunt club.
  • *This is an optional award that the club can participate in, not required that the club participate.
Updated : July 20, 2016
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Virginia Outside Beagle Association